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Touch Me binders do not have stiffening in them. As they are not made at the custom factory and are not  custom binders, there is no option to have stiffener added. The presence of the full length back wallet pocket does add some firmness to it, however.

When you buy a custom binder, you have the option of stiffener, Bontex or no stiffener.

Van der Spek normally use is carton 0.6mm thick stiffener for the standard organiser. For the Manager A5 they use 0.8mm thickness.

If someone does not want a stiffener, there are two options available:

  • Thin Bontex 0.3mm or 0.4mm thickness.
  • No stiffener – just frame like a photoframe, so no carton in the middle. The presence of the frame is to allow the edges to be tucked around it.

I can really recommend Bontex – it gives stability and shape but is still flexible with some give. It feels like the stiffener in a hat or a sun visor. I cannot use a totally floppy binder as I work a lot on the run and I have to be able to have a good writing surface with my organizer perched on my knee or held over my hand and arm.

Steve Morton and Petra did a great video about this when we were at Van Der Spek. It is, at the moment, only viewable in the Facebook group.

Author: Janet Carr

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  1. My customized VDS senior had stiffener, but now I regret. Do you know whether they provide service on removing the stiffener? Thanks.

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