Personal sized Janet Leather (#104) Van Der Spek Organiser

For a previous post about this and how I discovered the leather, please click here.

I cannot say how much I love this binder. It is so rich and textured and sturdy. Kind of like Mulberry Darwin mated with Gillio epoca and had babies! I have Bontex stiffener in this one.

The leather is now on the Van Der Spek website, as number 104.

It smelled absolutely divine!
Thick with lots of range marks
White spots. NOTE: newer versions of this leather do not have these spots but I wanted them.

IMG_2394 copy

Design and cutting. I was allowed to choose where I wanted the leather cut.


Personal size. I love the scars and range marks on this. It showed that the animal lived a life.


The feel of this binder is indescribable (literally). It is so nice and thick and solid and soft and sturdy. It is not heavy though. Best leather I have ever felt on a binder. It feels like real, proper leather. I have 30mm rings in it. I have 12 credit card pockets and two secretarial flaps – one on each side. I find secretarial pockets easier to use than slip pockets as the top flips open.


Matching pen holder
Matching pen holder
Flyleaves with front view of the personal sized Janet Leather (#104)
Flyleaves with front view of the personal sized Janet Leather (#104)
Flyleaves with front view of the  Janet Leather (#104)
Flyleaves with back view of the Janet Leather (#104)

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