More uses for Kokuyo NeoCritz Transformer Pencil Cases


I wrote about these pencil cases last week but have since found that they have them on Cult Pens as well. They do not have as wide a selection of colours as JetPens and are a little more expensive but CultPens is ideal for those living in Europe, they are cheaper and their postage is lightning fast. Plus at the moment you get a free notebook when you spend £15 or more.

There are some nice photos on Cult Pens for alternate uses for these wonderful pencil cases which turn into pencil pots at a flip of the zip. They would make fantastic gifts for stationery, craft and makeup lovers.

Almost any pencil case can do a perfectly good job of containing your pencils, and keeping them together in your bag. When you get to your desk, though, they’re less helpful. You have to hold the zipper open, and reach inside, searching for the right pencil or pen.

Kokuyo’s NeoCritz has a neat trick – when you reach your destination, open the zip, fold over the top, and the pencil case transforms into an attractive, sturdy and surprisingly stable pencil pot – your pens and pencils are neatly held ready for use, easy to grab the right instrument, just when you need it.

A quick fold and zip, and it’s ready to travel again as soon as your work is done.

The improved version of the Neocritz features two zips. This means you can unzip from the top or the bottom of the case. When unzipping from the top, you can open the case just wide enough to drop in a pen or two, or open it right to the bottom. Opening from the bottom allows the pencil case to transform into the handy desktop pencil pot.

To save you having to rummage in the bottom of the pot for spare leads, erasers and refills, there are extra compartments for storing shorter items, keeping them tucked out of the way neatly, but easily accessible when you need them.

It’s not limited to carrying just stationery – the NeoCritz is perfectly suited to carrying all manner of small objects. Why not use it to transport your make-up? Perfect for holidays and business trips, and the next item you need is right there ready to use, not hiding in the corner of a bag or case. It is also the ideal case for holding smaller tools like screwdrivers or craft knives, making them easier to choose from when you’re ready to use them, and avoiding you having to rummage around inside a case that contains sharp objects!







and here are mine which got from the USA to Sweden in less than a week! One is for me and one is for my stepdaughter.

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