Van Der Spek Custom Flyleaves



Some binders come with plain flyleaves (like Gillio), whereas others, like Filofax, used to offer zipped flyleaves but don’t any more. Van Der Spek can make flyleaves in different colours – to match or contrast the colour of your binder. You can even buy a couple to ring the changes now and then.

Here is my custom flyleaf in Janet Leather. It has a secretarial pocket on one side and a zipper on the other. This is one they have not made before and which is quite difficult to do so will cost more than the ones above. But I want to use the zipper for coin money and the flap for paper money.

If you are interested in seeing the other custom options for your binder, click on this link. You can order extra pen loops, ring protectors and embossing.

Petra's design for the flyleaf
Petra’s design for the flyleaf




Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Dear Janet,
    That is such a clever idea,it really allows you to make your organiser more unique.
    I am in the process of making two styles of personal organiser with a view to manufacturing
    them in the near future.the sizes are A5 and personal.Do you have any likes or dislikes when it comes to your favourite organiser. I was thinking of holding a competition to see what ideas people come up with for a practical organiser that really touches all the bases as far as usability
    and design.Im looking for something that will catch the eye!!! The winner gets the organiser named after them and receives a sample of both sizes.
    Do you think anybody would be interested?
    Anthony Dreyer

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