One of my readers wrote to me a few weeks back and asked about my wallets and if I ever wrote about them. I only ever have one wallet at a time, and my wallets are usually very boring. Which is strange considering how I am with Filofaxes and handbags!

With a wallet I find one that I like and stick to it until it falls apart. I have to find one I really like (which is quite difficult and I hate the process) and then I don’t change. I like knowing where everything is and I need quite a big wallet with lots of card slots and place for bits of paper.

The one I am using now is a Rizzo one in black leather. I am so sorry I didn’t buy a second one (as I usually do) because this one was perfect but won’t last much longer. It must be about 9 years old now.




Before this one I had one I bought it Tallin, Estonia when their leather goods were still so cheap. I used it until it literally fell to pieces. Prior to that I had a Mulberry one in Olive Darwin like the photo below (photo is from eBay)



You can see it to the left of this photograph


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I am impressed by the amount of cards you carry with you every day not including the ones you keep in your binder! How many of these do tou used on an every day basis?
    I carry 4 and only use 1daily as l don’t need the others unless l do special things like shopping, go to the library…

    1. Very interesting question! Every day I use

      1. ID card/driver’s license
      2. Parliament ID card
      3. Door card for the authority where I am a translator
      4. Visa Card
      5. Supermarket points card
      6. Public transport travel card
      7. Coffee card (I get 10% if I buy coffee using it)
      8. Credit card in case my bank system crashes
      9. Extra SIM (I have two jobs and have to make international calls so switch them out when necessary)

      I shop in small amounts every day as I carry lots of books and have 126 steps to climb to my apartment so it is easier.

      1. Your reply reassures mq, Janet. So you use about 9 or 10 cards a day. I thought you used many more as you seem to be carrying so many.
        Don’t you fear losing or getting all your cards stolen?
        I once got my wallet stolen and it was a nightmare to have all my cards and papers re-made. Since that day l only carry the minimum with me and also my bags are lighter.

      2. The other ones I carry are store loyalty cards which I don’t use every day but carry with me in case I need to (I think I have about six of those – I collect points and then get vouchers back), my pharmacy card and my medical card for if I go to the doctor or to the hospital.

        I have had my wallet stolen twice in South Africa (once from my office and once being violently robbed) and it was horrible to replace it but here in Sweden I don’t worry about it, though I am very careful about always making sure I know where it is and keeping my eyes open. In South Africa my foreign husband was stabbed but they left me alone, even though I was smaller, lighter and wearing jewellery. Afterwards they said they could see I was a local so I was on my guard and could handle myself and would fight them off, also that I really had a tight grip on my belongings. I think I probably still give off that vibe! Hopefully anyway!

  2. I think your purse has plenty of life left in it yet Janet, you obviously love it so why don’t you treat the leather and buff it up. Mine looks tired and normally I would have changed it by now, but it was a present from my son. So I cherish it.

    1. Maybe I will – thank you for the tip! I don’t usually treat leather but this is exactly the time it needs to be conditioned. Think I will do that this weekend! xx

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