Filofax Wiki

Have you ever wondered about different Filofax models?

  • how they look inside (the photos on web shops often do not have clear photos, or photographs of the interior),
  • when they were first produced,
  • what they are made of,
  • the size of the rings
  • if they lie flat

If so, this Filofax Wiki is for you – it was set up by Robert Mayr to catalogue as many Filofax models as possible.

If you have any additional information or photographs, or models which are not featured, please contact Robert via the link above and he will be thrilled to have your input.

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Here you can read about the purpose of the wiki, recently added binders, and a list of the binders in the wiki.
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Some of the models in the list
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Here is an example of a page

Author: Janet Carr

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4 thoughts

  1. Janet, I also have a Windsor Personal in Brown purchased in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in approx. that time period (would have to check exact date if needed) and purchased at Henry Birks & Sons.

  2. Janet,
    Amazing the number of Filofax models there are. I do take exception to one item mentioned though. I have a Windsor Personal, in brown that I acquired in 1994 at the Harvard Coop, and which I still carry and use everyday. Wiki claims there was no brown leather model produced, but I definitely have one. They claim four colors, brown not being one. The closest is burgundy though mine is not burgundy , but definitely brown. I love it and would be lost without it. And I believe it still has a lot of miles left on it. Probably more than I do.

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