Look at these two Akiko binders!

I adore all things glittery it has to be said. But even so, these caught my eye even more than Akikos usual fare (which I love to bits). These are, to me, extra special. The leather is so unusual. As always, these are entirely handmade with the only tool used being a knife used to cut the leather.

I particularly like the huge tassel on the darker one and the AMAZING way it just happens to match the flowers in the vase.

Both of these are sold but Akiko is always willing to, if she has enough leather left and if you are able to wait for her to make it, make another one.

I have two Akiko binders and she has promised to make a third one for me in colours I want when she has time. I can vouch for their beauty and quality. And the packaging is out of this world!

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Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. These are incredible! I thought I wanted the darker one – until I saw that retro flower one earlier in the week! Is Akiko going to make you one out of the darker leather? I thought it was blue, but I think it’s actually black.

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