Personal Filofax Keswick in Green


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Here is the beauty which was gifted to me by the wonderful wonderful Michelle. There were some lovely extras in the box as well as a wonderful card which I will feature separately. I cannot thank Michelle enough for this wonderful gesture. I have always lusted after this binder and it means even more to me knowing someone liked what I do in the community and on my blog enough to give me a token of appreciation. It really really touched my heart.

The binder is a lovely clear green that is not acid or too sweet and not over-bright. Some of the photographs show it as brighter than it is but I will show one or two which depict the true shade.

I have put in purple Kiddie Qualia inserts which I had to hand and they look lovely – I have always loved the green-purple colour combination. But green ones would probably look even nicer!

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This is a true depiction of the colour
This is a true depiction of the colour

photo 5-4

Another true depiction of the colour
Another true depiction of the colour

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous. And the purple inserts are perfect! I wondered if it was the same Michelle I was thinking of, as she seems so sweet. Not surprised that she would do something like this. Janet, you are worth it and there are many, many of us who appreciate you more than we can possibly say. Like I’ve said before, you add a semblance of normalcy, peace, order and so much more to this crazy community, and when you’re away, it’s noticed. 🙂

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