Filofax Pocket Swarowski Filofax – Limited Edition

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This baby came to me as a trade for one of my binders and I absolutely love it. I adore limited editions and have a growing love for pocket size binders. You can fit surprising amounts in them and they are small and light compared to the bricks that are fully stuffed personal and A5 binders. The interior is reminiscent of the Deco – not surprising really as they came out more or less the same time.

This one has a magnetic fastener and is made of coated patent leather. The box is gorgeous as well. I think I love it even more than my Temperley box!

It is rather odd that a year ago I would never have considered moving out of an A5 and today even a personal looks enormous!

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Author: Janet Carr

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  1. oh that is so cute. I have tried a pocket-size many moons ago, but the pages are just too small and I have abnormally huge handwriting :(. I definitely need a new Filofax though, deciding on which one is the problem!

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