Filofax Bromley Travel Wallet

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I am doing some travelling and so out comes my Filofax Bromley travel wallet again. It takes my multiple passports (though I am only taking half of them this time), credit cards, several currencies and paper from your personal sized Filofax (maybe pocket as well).

The leather is lovely and it has a discreet gunmetal grey popper on the front. Light and durable. This was the last thing I bought from the Filofax shop, which closed a few short weeks after I bought it (I hope the two events were not related – eeeek!)




These poppers hold personal sized pages from your usual Filofax while travelling


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This is stuffed with two passports, two sets of currency (coins and notes), spare keys, boarding passes and itinerary, Filofax pages and many credit cards plus EU health insurance and ID cards.
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These back pockets are ideal for travel cards and boarding passes


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