My Second Mulberry Roxanne in Oak Darwin

I have a Mulberry Oak Roxanne in Darwin leather (above) and it is one of my favorite bags of all time. I used it constantly for an entire year, which is a record. For that entire year I did not buy a single handbag. I love this bag more than I can say. Mulberry Oak Darwin ages beautifully – it just gets better the more you use it and the older it gets. For me the best days of Mulberry were the days of the Darwin Delights, as I call them.

The problem now is that these gorgeous bags are becoming harder and harder to find in good condition. When you do find good ones, the prices are often more than they cost new. I have been wondering for a while what to do if anything happened to my Roxanne. I actually got my Roxanne because I was attacked and robbed and my previous Mulberry handbag was stolen. That style Mulberry was not made any longer so I could not replace it. The insurance company gave me a Roxanne instead.

So when this baby came up for sale in Sweden I had to pounce. It comes from the wonderful Emi (who took these pictures) and should be here tomorrow. More pics to follow when it arrives!





Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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