H & M bag to hold Mulberry double binder

I don’t carry my organizers in pouches. They go into my bag with all my other stuff. So generally they need to be quite hardy. I am not precious with them though, or paranoid about them getting scuffs, bumps or dents. I figure life is to be lived and if you live a life it shows on you. The same goes for my planners.

My motto is (with a little help from Hunter S.Thompson):



The exception to this will be my new, very precious, Mulberry double binder. This is so unique, so unusual and so absolutely amazing that it is irreplaceable. So I decided to find a cover for it. Because of its strange size I would have had to have a pouch specially made. So I decided on this cheap bag from H&M. It cost £20 but I had a £15 loyalty voucher so I got it for £5.

I would have preferred black but I like the cross grain saffiano effect, the gold hardware, and the detachable strap. The binder fits in there PERFECTLY! Because the strap is detachable it pops right into my handbags (which are generally large).


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In background a purple Malden and a purple Mia Cara
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There always seems to be a cat photobombing my pics!

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. That’s a nice bag – I do like satchel-type designs. I’m with you on not protecting most of my binders – they’re made to be used. But I found myself getting twitchy about damaging the sparkly grey binder I got from Akiko, so I bought a fairly cheap cotton pouch for it off Etsy. It’s OK and will do for the time being, but it’s not quite right for some reason.

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