Size comparison between Mulberry Roxanne and Mulberry Romilly

Well, there is nothing to say except that Romilly is a big girl! Roxanne will fit A4 with its flaps up but not when they are down. And it is a big bag but for me, not quite big enough. I have never been able to travel with her as she is not big enough for plane essentials.

Both of these bags are made from exceptionally beautiful hides. They go from smooth to ultra grainy. Ironically, I did not choose either of these myself. The Roxanne was chosen by the sales assistant at Heathrow Duty Free (my husband bought it for me) and the Romilly was bought second hand from Labels Most Wanted. But they are stunningly beautiful leathers. The Roxanne has been in heavy use since 2006.

A weight comparison – empty the Roxanne weighs 1340g and the Romilly 2000g

photo 3-3

photo 3-5

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Author: Janet Carr

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