HOTD #52 – Longchamp Le Pliage

photo 5-2

photo 1-4

I have two of these bags – one is medium sized with short handles and the other one is large with long handles.

I have never been able to use them as handbags. I need a more structured bag with proper internal or external pockets – these just have one small slip pocket inside. Everything also falls into a heap at the bottom.

But for travelling there is nothing better.You can pop one or two into your luggage (they are light and don’t take up any space when folded) and use them for day trips or to carry excess purchases home with you. They are also very tough and waterproof and, for a ‘designer’ handbag, the price is very good.

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  1. I am a great fan of those Longchamp bags which l have in many colours and sizes. I use a whole leather one as a handbag in the summer as it is more structured than the fabric ones. I even use one to put my books, tablet, planner, newspapers, pens and anything a teacher has to carry everyday to work. They are light and very durable. Also the variety of colours make them attractive.



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