Salty Dog Leatherwork’s Leather Cuffs

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Yesterday I received my three cuffs from Chris Grey of Salty Dog Leatherworks in New Zealand. Two of them are were made specially for me and the other one is a keyring – though if you had a small enough wrist you could wear it!

Usually I buy the things I review but these ones were sent to me to review. Just want to make that clear from the beginning. And to thank Chris for the opportunity. Also I always photograph on my iPad so the quality of the photographs is not outstanding and does not do justice to these beautiful items.

First of all, I have very small wrists and battle to find off the shelf cuffs to fit me. And usually if I have them made for me, the design does not lend well to being reduced in size. There is too much overlap and they are out of the proportion. These are absolutely perfect. They fit on the second and the third last holes which gives a nice symmetrical length of strap going through the loop.

Secondly the leather is really light. It feels very thin and light though when you look at it, it is not that thin. This greatly adds to the comfort level. You can hardly feel them and in the summer they will not be too hot.

Thirdly the workmanship is impeccable. Looking at it, it is hard to believe that Chris has only been doing this for a short time. Everything is perfect. If you look at the photographs you can see the attention to detail and how perfectly aligned everything is. The hardware is top-notch.

The keyring is also wonderful as it is fully functional and made with exactly the same workmanship as the other items but is a keyring!

You can see from the photographs below that the dyeing is different on each of these. It is very unusual for me to not have an instant favorite but each of these is perfect in its own way. I honestly could not choose!

Thanks once again Chris for the honor of reviewing these gorgeous leather masterpieces. If anyone is interested in buying one, contact Chris on his Facebook page (link above).

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Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Even with iPad pics you can tell these are lovely pieces! Leatherworking is no easy craft and to produce rugged and lovely pieces is a talent id love to possess!

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