Three Shades of Grey

Here are the three A5 Maldens living with me at the moment. Two of them I bought for readers and one of them is mine from about three years ago but has never been used.

photo 3-2
Left to right: the new one with creased effect, the new one with an overlap and my one
photo 1-3
Left to right: new one with an overlap, new creased one and my one.
Left to right: my one, new creased one and new one with an overlap.

The rings on all three are perfect and they have the full set of inserts. My one is the tough rough stiffer leather which closes symmetrically. There is also one with soft creased leather (it really looks like an elephant) and one with the ‘Malden gap’ where the two covers do not meet until you train them to do so. This is because the binder itself is so floppy.

One of them will be traveling to the US, one will be going to the north of Sweden and my one will be staying with me.

They really are lovely, aren’t they? Which one is your favourite?

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

5 thoughts

  1. I love the elephant one. Crinkly, unique, with it’s own personality. I notice many of my Filofaxes may not be in “mint” condition, but I love them all for who they are and how they are little individuals.

  2. Yours is my favorite in pics. The creases look like damage and the overlap kinda bothers me. However, I would never turn my nose up at a beautiful Malden!

  3. Yours is the best one, Janet. I also can’t stand the way the covers can look misaligned on the Malden.

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