Charm Bracelets Part 3 – Thomas Sabo

I have two Thomas Sabo charm bracelets that look like this – onyx beads with a ring which hold up to three charms each. The charms have little lobster clasps so you can change them around at will. You can also use them on any charm bracelet or chain.


Each bracelet ring can hold up to three charms so I have two like this because I have two black and white cats:

21-0701I  have another plain silver cat and this panda:


You can buy different bracelets and necklaces on which to hang your charms so they are very versatile. If you don’t want your charms to slide around a normal chain, any chain can be adapted to hold these charms with special clasps and rings which Sabo sells.

Each season there is a new collection, and older charms can be found on eBay and many sites all over the world.

2009 thomassabo bracelets designsCharm-Club-X-Mas-Teaser-M

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