Another post about Akikos binders (Kikosattic on Etsy)

I am so totally in love with my Akiko binder – it is so beautiful. Honestly the most beautiful one I own. If I still had my Aqua Skorpion this would probably have knocked spots off it.

photo 1

Anyway, I contacted Akiko about making me a binder from the metallic green leather of the little purse (seen above). It will look something like this – in the same leather and with the same violet inside lining but in the same style as the one I already have as I prefer that clasp. I think the two will look so nice together. One iridescent violet with green lining and one iridescent green with violet lining.



il_570xN.302638998 copy


il_570xN.303030829 copy

Akiko has said that she has some more of the green leather and will put it aside for me.

I also asked her about the indigo blue one with the flowers on it (below). She says that this is a rare leather but that she does have some more of it. She also has lots of lovely leather waiting to be used (oh I wish she hadn’t told me that). So if you would really like the blue one below it may be worth it to write and ask her if she can make you one when she has a chance.

Find her here and my previous posts about her here.



il_570xN.553759689_73yq copy

il_570xN.553679158_qjk4 copy


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  1. I have decided that I will get an Akiko in the future. As a reward for an accomplishment of some sort. But, I have had a question…are the rings replaceable? Thanks!

    1. As far as I know you cannot do them yourself, but I am sure Akiko would replace them if you sent the binder back to her. She is wonderful to deal with!

  2. I think the two binders I have from Akiko have now spoiled me for any others! And I am typing with my fingers in my ears so I can’t hear you saying that Akiko has more of the blue leather! I am supposed to be on an economy drive … Waaaaaah!

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