HOTD #48 – Mock Croc Tote

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This is another bag that I use to carry my papers. It is a bucket shape which means it stands up and can hold A4 pages both lying down and standing up. It is especially nice for carrying bottles of water, because they stand up all the time and there is no danger that they will fall over and leak.

It can be carried in my hand and over my arm which means I don’t sling it over my shoulder like I do most of my other bags. The shoulder strap can be removed so I usually carry it without the strap, though I keep the strap in my bag in case I need it.

I have a horrible habit of always slinging my heavy bags over my right shoulder. It splits my hair and, over the years, has really damaged my right hand shoulder and arm. So this one helps me not fall into that trap with heavy papers and books.


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