Gillio Mia Cara in Medium/Personal size

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So it is finally here. After doing battle with the !”#€%& Swedish postal service who seemed determined to NOT deliver it to me I finally have it in my sweaty paws. Big UP to Gillio for dropping their postal charges by half and using a much speedier service. Before, their postage was €38 and it took up to 10 days to arrive. Now the postage is €20 and it took less than 2 days to arrive!

This binder I have been waiting for for a long time. I bought my A5 first and then my pocket and when I had saved enough for a personal they were sold out for the rest of 2013. I would not have been able to afford it but for the refund for my Aqua Skorpion.

It is lovely – luxury binder with luxury leather. It is, like the other Mias, bulky but that is part of the joy of the model I think. It can hold more than an average personal and has a lot of leather in it so naturally it would be a bit more weighty than its Filofax counterparts. I had gold rings fitted in it as all my other Mias have gold rings.

Just as the Pocket Mia is between Filofax pocket and personal size because of the outer binder, the Personal Mia is between personal and A5 size. Big but not too big. I am sure I will at some stage find it too big and bulky but that is part of using Filofaxes. They tend to veer from being too big to being too small.

I chose a pink Gillio pen with this order. I have not used my other Gillio pens as they do not write the way I like a pen to write and if I had had a choice originally I would not have chosen to have a pen with this one. I prefer to always use my own pens. But I did not have a choice so I chose a pretty pink one. Having received it though, it is really really nice. Solid, good quality and it writes very nicely. So I am chuffed!

My two other Mias are from the mid 2000s and I do notice differences in leather and details which I shall go into in my next post.

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The pretty pink Gillio pen and the instructions for opening the rings. I have no idea why anyone would pull them open but apparently since the note was included with the binders, the number of damaged rings being reported dropped dramatically.
The pretty pink Gillio pen and the instructions for opening the rings. I have no idea why anyone would pull them open but apparently since the note was included with the binders, the number of damaged rings being reported dropped dramatically.

Author: Janet Carr

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  1. Thirty-eight euros from Belgium to Sweden? For that price, I’d expect same-day delivery by a Gillio staff member!

  2. thank you for everything you really clear up my mind!!! have a lovely day i will be waiting for your next post

  3. yes medium compagna in orange and i really like the gold one but in compagnas this color was out of stock but the mia cara has it.
    you think it will be too big the medium mia cara ? should i try the pocket one?

  4. It depends on your needs. They are bigger than Filofaxes but not enormous. When you say you have a medium now, do you have a medium Compagna?

    1. dear Janet
      i need to ask you something i want to buy a mia cara and while i said that the gold is my color i went on line to order it yesterday and now is out of stock !!!!! with your experience would you mind suggesting me another color from the ones that still exist?
      thank you very much

      1. I am not sure what the available options are but from my samples that I used to have, orange is a very close colour. Or maybe go for red if they still have it or green? Mind you the dark brown is also absolutely stunning!

        My own choices would probably be dark brown then orange then green then red.

      2. the red is out of stock as well, i like orange a lot but my compagna is orange so i was thinking of something different so i can see other colors as well
        there is available brown, black, grey , green, purple, and then black-orange, purple-cream, green-cream and brown-cream

      3. I would try the brown – that is gorgeous. There is one for sale in the Gillio Facebook group right now. Are you in there?

      4. i am in this group and i saw it is lovely brown , i send message to the lady but she did not reply i hope she did not sell it . i will let you know what will happen

      5. My choice would be dark brown and then green. I would have actually bought a dark brown myself but I was intent on completing my set (sad I know!)

  5. it is very beautiful i am currently using a medium compagna in orange ( is my first gillio) but i see that a lot of people including you too are more into mia cara model between the two which one you refer and why ?
    your opinion will help me a lot in my decision on buying a mia cara or not !!!
    thank you very much for all your posts are great

    1. Glad you like my posts!

      To be honest, I think the Compagna is the more useable of the two as it is not big and bulky and has the full length back pocket. It is very well designed. It is more like a normal Filofax.

      The Mia is a beautiful binder. It is big and it is bulky and it is expensive but it is the Rolls Royce of binders and you will never ever find anything like it anywhere else. It is like a folder and a binder in one. You can take the binder out of the folder and use them separately.

      1. thank you ever so much for your reply ! i am thinking of buying a mia cara but i have to collect the money first ahhah they are pretty expensive !!
        one more question since i have a medium one now shall i buy a medium mia cara or it will be too big?

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