What is a world war?

With the area around Russia being a bit unsettled these days, and with the melting Arctic and its untapped resources being eyed by all the many nations which surround it, people often talk about there being ‘another world war’.

Traditionally speaking a world was was a war fought simultaneously in many countries around the world. Some stricter definitions hold that a world war is when the same war is being fought on every continent. Looser definitions hold that a world war is when the major nations in the world are involved.

There have only been two world wars, although the second one was the only one of the two that was fought globally.

What do you think?

Author: Janet Carr

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  1. I think you could with justification argue there has been a third world war, one fought purely on the military /geo-economic front that resulted in the fall of the eastern block and communism world wide with I grant you the odd notable exception like North Korea and China.

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