Filofax inserts and printables


Qimmis Cupcake inserts

Can you believe that at one time Filofax had over 1000 different inserts available? Nowadays they probably have about twenty maximum. So diehard Filofax fans are doing it for themselves.

Here is a small selection of the inserts available to you. If any of my readers know of any more please could you pop links to them in the comments below? – I have used this site and can recommend. Have a review of these inserts here. These you order online and they are delivered already printed. – these diary and miscellaneous inserts you print yourself.

My Life All in One Place – these diary and miscellaneous inserts you print yourself

PaperLoveForever on Etsy has lovely inserts. These are the ones she custom designed for me for 2014.


KiddieQualia on Etsy does wonderful brightly coloured inserts.


Piaric also comes very highly recommended. Check out the Facebook page.

A Bowl Full of Lemons has printables here

MaudieMade on Etsy has lovely inserts for sale

DIYFish has an extremely devoted following and when you see the range of inserts you will understand why.

The VelvetFilo has nice inserts as well

Kent from Oz has some nice inserts and also his wonderful Spiraldex for sale in his Etsy shop. If he does not have the Spiraldex up for sale, drop him a line as they may have temporarily sold out.

If you have seen and liked the small pouches that either hold your Filofax or fit onto its rings, have a look at The Sewing Sloth on Etsy.


As I said at the top of the post, please let me know if there are any other shops selling inserts as I (and my readers) would love to know!

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  1. Yes Pembroke Papers makes the Time Management that used to be available from Filofax. I also got my year at a glacé fold out from them.


  2. Pembroke Papers on Etsy has A6 download and printed and shipped inserts. and look on the left side for the A6 section of the shop.


  3. Pembroke Papers has A6 inserts download or printed and shipped Just look under the A6 tab on the left side.


  4. Kelly Bangs Creative on etsy just launched Kate Spade inspired inserts that are wonderful.


  5. Thanks for all these great links!!!


  6. Oi, just saw this. Thanks for mentioning the Sloth 🙂


  7. Very useful resource – thank you! I love the Qimmis inserts. And I have a gorgeous pouch from Laura at the Sewing Sloth.


  8. I sell them on Etsy too 🙂

    Organise with Katie:


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