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  1. In the movie Remember Me Robert Pattinson’s character carries a journal 24/7 and the soft leather almond one that ties above reminds me of it. His was dark tattered beat up leather though and it also had rings and tied. What I remember is that he used to roll it up, shove it in his pocket, back pack or just held it rolled up like that. I remember having planner envy and researching the web for hours looking for one like it. This was a couple years ago. His looked similar to personal size but I think maybe a bit taller and narrower. I never actually found one like it for sale although I did find the actual one used on set being auctioned off for several thousand dollars. I passed, lol. His was definitely a diary, not a planner. I remember checking Etsy, too, but maybe these are newer. Glad you found and shared these…I’m definitely going TK be checking all of thes pe out in greater detail!

  2. I love Akiko’s organisers soooooooo much! I have one that she made for me, and it’s almost too beautiful to use. I am purposely not looking on her site at the moment in case I end up buying another. I’m wearing one of her tiny purse necklaces at the moment.

    The Cordwain Higgler products are fabulous. I have the green dandelion in personal and also a red pocket with a Celtic symbol on the front that Guy and Pat made to my specifications. I am dying for them to introduce the moon-gazing hare so I can have that on an A5 organiser!

    1. OOoh which one of her organizers do you have? I love them all! Yes her jewelry is gorgeous too and I have such a weakness for jewelry. The binder she made for me is on its way to me and I absolutely cannot wait to get it!

      I can’t believe the reasonable pricing of the Cordwain Higgler binders – the bee ones appeal to me for obvious reasons, being bugs and all that 🙂

      1. Do you remember that beautiful sparkly pale blue one she made a few months back? I was late to the party, but Akiko, bless her cotton socks, said she had some of the leather left over and would make me one if I wasn’t in a hurry for it. I wasn’t!

        I am a jewellery queen and am always buying it!

        The CH ones are very reasonable prices, and they are so beautifully made. I only buy leather if I really fall in love with something, so these are definitely special! I bought my dad the hip flask with bees on for Christmas so he can have a nip of brandy when he’s watching Cheltenham Town lose at football!

      2. Oh I remember that sparkly one – was it called Celestial?

        The one she made for me is also from when I was late to the party – she said she would keep some of the leather aside and make me one when she had time. I was so touched by her kindness. It is in violet and green.

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