HOTD #42 – Chloé Elvire bags in Brown, Elephant and Black

Here are all three of my Chloé Elvire bags – I have brown, elephant/taupe, and black. The brown one has gold hardware and the other two have silver. The elephant/taupe has sides of smooth taupe leather and a body of heavily grained grey/beige (I hate the word greige!) which is very like the colour of an elephant. It has more grey in it than shows in this photograph. This one was almost impossible to find. I am not sure if that is because it was rare or because everyone wanted one. Of the three, it has by far the most individual graining, which I love. I tend to use it in the spring. I can’t actually remember how old these bags are but probably from Autumn 2008.

I usually crop out my desk but here it is in all its glory. It is very old and I love it to bits. It is the only place in my apartment that has enough light to allow me to photograph things during Swedish winter gloom. We had 14 hours of sunlight in January 2014…

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

Author: Janet Carr

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