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My ZENdori

My ZENdori

First off there is now a Facebook group for fans of the Dutch leather brand, Van Der Spek. If you are interested please come and join us. If however you have gazillions of knockoff sunglasses and Ugg boots to flog by spamming – move along.

Next up – This Bug’s Life Sales – I will be posting links to each item as it goes up for sale. This is a complement to my blog posts about sales

There is also now an alternate group for fans of the Midori notebook – this one has no rules except have fun. You can call your cover what you want, decorate the covers with as much washi as you like and make it out of anything you like – including Filofax Flex covers and your cereal boxes should you so wish. The word fauxdori is not a dirty one and neither is name + dori.  There are no cliques and everyone is a member of the cool gang. This is not in any way competition to any other group, it is just a place with a slightly different vibe.

My favourite quotes this week were these two:

Comment on the British TV programme 'Benefits Street'

Comment on the British TV programme ‘Benefits Street’

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