HOTD #22 – Kilia Jacquetta

Kilia Jacquetta

There is a very long story behind this particular bag.

I fell in love with the Mulberry Jacquetta (named after Jacquetta Wheeler)

Mulberry Jacquetta

So, as usual, before planning a major handbag investment, I found a similar one at Lindex, a local Swedish fashion chain

Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 12.22.59 PM
Lindex Jacquetta

I used it for a while, loved it, then sold that it on, our local bulletin board sales site. It actually went to a very eager teenager who was so delighted to have one.

And bought a real Mulberry Jacquetta in Oak for half price when they discontinued them.

Mulberry Jacquetta

Which I loved but then sold to buy my TSM XL Balloon Bag

But then missed my Jacquetta terribly but they had stopped making them and I couldn’t find a decent one anywhere.

One day I walked into my favourite second hand shop in Stockholm (Judits) to sell some handbags and there was a brand new Kilia version of this bag which was lovely. Not a Mulberry and not trying to be but actually better for me as it was a little bigger and way cheaper.

It is big, gorgeous leather, two straps, three internal compartments and several zippered pockets and pouches. Has taken a beating and come up smiling. Still hanker after the original but I love this one.

Kilia Jacquetta

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