Filofax brass name plate

namnskyltar-alla large-1


I am not sure if they have these in other countries but I have about three of these Filofax nameplates that I received free with Filofaxes. You send them off to be customised.

If you don’t get one free with your Filofax you can order them from here – they have several different sizes depending on the size of your Filofax, and you can choose your shape, font and color.  They are not that expensive either. I had my whole name engraved and it fitted nicely on the oval brass plate above.

If they are not offered in other countries they should be. It really adds a personal touch to a favourite Filofax – especially if given for starting a new job, or leaving an old one. I have used one of mine on my Snake Domino and it was easy to remove. I would be a bit hesitant on more fragile leather or fabric though.


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