Paul Smith Swirl Agenda

Pic courtesy of JL

This is rather a special tale. For me anyway….

I have always loved the Paul Smith Swirl Agenda but it has eluded me. I have found a few on eBay – one was withdrawn at the last minute and not relisted, another two were only available to UK bidders, and I just missed one in one of the Facebook groups to which I belong.

The other day in the Gillio Facebook group, a member posted a stunning photo of all her binders. She has a Swirl, which stood resplendent in its graphic genius in her photograph. I commented facetiously (and only half joking) that I would claw my way across Europe on bloody stumps for a Swirl. Maybe not on bloody stumps – but I would do it in uncomfortable shoes…

Today I was doing the housework (oh how I detest it) when I heard the ping of a personal message from my laptop. Curiosity got the better of me – hmmm. A PM from the lovely Linda who told me that a Swirl was being held for me in the the Gillio group and promising to guarantee and pay for me if I was not able to get into the group myself just then. Then a second PM popped up from Chrissie who also told me that there was a Swirl waiting for me.

I turned off the vacuum cleaner (much to the cats’ joy) and went to check the group. Oh my – a lump formed in my throat as I saw that JL remembered I wanted one and was offering to sell her new one to me. Underneath the post were comments from loads of people in the group, asking her to keep it for me and linking me so that I would receive notifications.

Well….within fifteen minutes it was a done deal. I am now finally the proud owner of a Paul Smith Swirl, which will be winging its way to me tomorrow. Whenever I look at it I will think of what a spirit of community and kindness it represents. And how somewhere in this huge, often heartless world, I matter. Thank you all so so much. Things like this really restore this bitter old cynic’s faith in human nature. Going to go to bed with a huge smile on my face today!

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. 😉 thanks! I forgot to mention that my husband’s name is Paul Smith, and I found the Swirl agenda before I was even involved in the Filofax community.

  2. Please teach me your ways! I also love the Paul Smith swirl, and I must’ve been watching the same eBay listings. I even contacted one seller to find out they planned on relisting. What is this gillio group? I am high-five-ing you, so glad you got the agenda of your dreams.

    1. Thank you so much! I have wanted one forever 🙂 The groups I am in are on Facebook – Gillio Firenze, Filofaxes and Pens for Sale Site, Filofax for Philofaxy fans, and of course (not on Facebook), Adspot on

  3. Every day the group reminds me of how lucky we all are to have found each other. It was sweet to watch this story play out in real time. And how neat that you heard the ping over your vacuum cleaner!

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