Journal 10+

open-pen-full-web-largeIf you would like a lovely multi-year journal I heartily recommend Journal 10+.

It has a small space for information each day but has overflow pages at the back. This is ideal for if you are daunted by too much space but sometimes need a bit extra. It is hardy and now comes with leather covers. Mine has a faux leather cover but has lasted extremely well.

This is an unusual size (10.25″ high, 7.5″ wide and 1″ thick – may be Japanese?) so covers are not that easy to find but the existing cover is very durable. It also covers not 10 but 11 years – so that you can start in the middle of a year and then continue for ten years. If  you start on January 1 it will then be an 11 year diary. Shipping is free in the USA, UK and Ireland. There is a new version every year so the sections are dated.

The website is here

And some more pics

The carry over pages



PS I am not affiliated with them – I just love their product!

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