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In England, in a particular town, there is a particular antique shop, that is not so much a building as a warren. Creaking stairways curve up, rooms lead on to other rooms, mysterious doors beckon and beguile- it’s ancient and it’s labyrinthine. Dozens of rooms of differing sizes on so many levels, all stitched together into one impossible structure. Every inch is laced with the most beautiful oddities, treasures- everywhere your eyes light there is some new relic you have to examine- you’re only human; you can’t resist their lure. Ah, the thrill of discovery! Excelsior!

Where did SATELLITE MIND come from..? Its a song- sure its a song- but there are other influences there as well. The design is a collision, a series of anachronisms, a convergent point for goodness-only-knows-what is stored in my mind. The vision I had for this was of age-darkened wood, pieces of other things- carvings and flotsam- crafted together into one body. You’ll find (if you care to look for them) a number of references coded into the design of this book.

The photos are pretty self-explanatory as far as it’s looks are concerned. The only part I didn’t include a picture of was the inside. It is fully lined with a soft black lambskin. It’s beautiful, its just that I’m only allowed 5 pictures per item. What’s a guy to do?

SATELLITE MIND is unique. And a colossal amount of effort went into it. All the artwork is mine and is entirely original. All the sewing (and it’s extensive) is done by hand.

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Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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