Post No. 4 for The Crafty Project

Michelle is back today with her fourth post for The Crafty Project. This time around, she’s sharing how she recovered the damaged binder! Here she is!

Today I am back with my second to last post for This Bug’s Life, showing how I have covered this

Mr Bugs Life Filofax from Janet





The supplies I used to make this master piece *haha* are:
My Mother’s sewing Machine
Filofax of course; and
A cat?

I was a little distracted by one of my cats who thought he needed to help me out with this process, so I definitely failed at taking along the way pictures.

This was definitely a challenge for me and I definitely did not need a cats assistance with the process.  I am not a sewer, hence the use of my Mother’s sewing machine.  I have not touched a sewing machine since high school and considering I graduated over 10 years ago now, let’s just say it is quite a few years ago.

My Mother’s sewing machine currently does not have the proper foot on it, as apparently neither of the two chain craft stores in Australia sell them.  The original foot she has apparently lost.  I very quickly discovered that I could not do a zig zag stitch with this foot, so my first task was to pin all the edges over and sew them in order to stop the material from fraying.

By the time I did this, my cat had taken up residence on the table and decided everything was either a toy or a pillow.  I started to wonder what on earth I had myself in for.  How did I expect to sew. 1. Cats. 2. I don’t sew 3. I’m a planner and analyser, my plan simply was … make a cover with material.  What on earth was I thinking?  I cannot just simply make a cover.  There are pen loops, pockets and a press stud clasp.  Simply make a cover… yea, sure.

Anyway, after much head scratching, a couple more pieces of material cut to make flaps for the inside of Mr Filo and this is what I have ended up with.





It is far from perfect, and in all honesty I still need to finish the inside back.  I am however, quite happy with how it turned out.  I love the look of it and I am happy I actually made it.  It almost makes me want to sew more things, but what…. Maybe, next time I should actually have a plan of what I am going to do as well, rather than just doing it.

Oh well, until next time.

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