Where to find Filofax Inserts

As many of us regular Filofax users know, the selection of Filofax inserts (particularly for A5) is dwindling.  My favourite is the Time Management series but for some reason (Filofax shooting itself in the foot again) they are hard to find. Since I wrote the article in the link, the Conduit Street store has (sadly) closed down, but I have heard that the TM range will be more easy to find from now on.

Another option would be to visit Philofaxy’s insert section, where Steve and Ray work tirelessly to create brilliant inserts for us Filofax users, often per request from readers. Ray has a wonderful selection of all kinds of inserts on his blog, My Life All in One Place. I am constantly amazed and humbled at the amount of work put into these inserts – not for financial gain, but for the love of planners. Steve and Ray are also very helpful if people struggle to print or format these inserts. I used to work in IT support and users with printing/layout problems used to be my nightmare but Steve and Ray are so patient and always ready to help.

Then you have sellers on Etsy who create wonderful inserts – one example is Maryanne of Paper Love Forever . I use the inserts below for lists and notes as I can write freely without being constrained by lines. She packages her items beautifully and they are so professionally done with such nice paper that it is hard to believe she is not a huge company.

Paper Love Forever inserts in my Personal Red Lizard Filofax

And another place to find inserts is Qimmis.com where I bought the inserts pictured below. I can recommend the quick personal service. And especially nice for me, she is based in Sweden! A nice thing with both Paper Love Forever and Qimmis is you can choose when you would like them to start and for how long. Ideal for us who would like to start now, in October 2013. How hard is it to find a 2013 calendar this late in the year? Also ideal for those who do not wish to commit to an entire year. Qimmis has many different designs, including plain ones if you are not one for fancy pages. You can choose which country you are in so that the language and holidays are correct for your country.


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Hi Janet, do you know what happened to Qimmis.com? I’ve tried googlibg the shop but its gone, unfortunately 🙁
    I’m telrying to find cute inserts for my filofax but the ones from etsy are mainly for download only.

  2. Had no joy in trying through google to locate a shop where I can purchase a “week on a page” refill for my small filofax. I just receive masses of information which simply does not address my need. How on earth can I JUST find a shop that stocks filofax HERE in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town. I have tried with no success – Waltons, Exclusive Books, CNA, PLEEEEEZE I would so appreciate it if SOMEONE out there can HELP. Many thanks

    1. Oh shame Jeanette, I feel your pain! I used to live in Grahamstown so you can imagine how hard it was for me finding ANYTHING in a dorp! I would suggest you order online from a place like Etsy where there are lots of sellers and options. If you don’t feel comfortable doing that, give me the size you want and the layout and I will get you some here in Sweden and post them to you in SA. My Xmas gift to you as one South African to another!

    2. Hi Jeanette, did you manage to find your diary refill? I too live in the southern suburbs, in Claremont in Cape Town, and am now, in desperation, going to order a 2016 Filofax pocket refill, week on one page, from Filofax in the UK. I was thinking that if you’re still looking, we could order and share the postage. Let me know if you’re interested.

  3. I love the blank, dated page. I would absolutely buy those if I were looking for a page per day! Another option might be a pretty stamp, and just writing in the date on the stamp on a blank page. 🙂

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