Goldie with Goldie Jr

Here are some photos of Goldie the Epoca Gold A5 Mia Cara with Goldie Jr the Epoca Gold Pocket Mia Cara, the latest edition. Goldie has been in daily use for five months and Goldie Jr is new. There is a slight difference in colour between them which is a probable combination of use or lack of it, and individual leather variations.

Side by side, closed
Side by side, closed. A5 Mia Cara has been used daily for five months, Pocket Mia Cara is new


Two different versions of open to front page – the A5 is a little darker than the Pocket, probably through use. The business card holder hiding confidential details is a Ramos. I use Ramos notebooks, pen holders (I have 1-pen, 2-pen and 4-pen holders, all my Ramos) and business card holders. They are gorgeous and lined in pale leather.


Back view



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