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Yves Saint Laurent’s Arty rings have been available for a while now. I usually don’t buy designer costume jewelry – often the quality is too low and the price is too high. I tend to wear gold jewellery I have designed myself. Nothing designery or fancy at all. But when I heard that YSL were discontinuing the Arty ring, I bought a couple and I love them.  I have blue, pink and coral ones, but there are many colours and each one is a slightly different shape. I should mention that this was very much a ‘slow burn’ love as I hated them in the beginning. I thought they were crass and tacky and looked cheap. But they slowly grew on me until I had to have one!



Interpretations and inspirations from these pieces are readily available if you don’t want to buy the real thing. Watch out for fakes masquerading as the real thing though and if you do buy a cheaper version online make extra sure it does not look cheap and tacky as even the real thing treads a very fine line between stunning and sleazy. They can be worn with the stone facing either way and many people wear more than one at the same time.

YSL-Yves-St-Laurent-Fall-Winter-2011-Arty-Ovale-Rings ysl YSL-rings-e1314804464940 image ysl-ring ysl-ring2-copy

arty 40.07 PM


YSL Arty Ring copy


Here are some interpretations of this design, from the Swedish site Cocoo (which also posts internationally).

sendbinary.asp sendbinary-1.asp

Here is a UK site which does very good ones for £4 each. They are not brilliant quality but for £4 it is not surprising and it is a nice way to wear a trend you may not want to buy into.

Dollybowbow also sell them for £12 each. These are brilliant fantastic quality. Really nice.


Sites selling replicas are often sold out or closed down by YSL so if you want one, be quick. Also, the YSL version is becoming harder to find as they are not made anymore so if you really want one, it may be prudent to get one sooner rather than later. Bargainboutiques is a good ebay seller if you are looking for the real thing.

Below is a photograph of most of my collection. Missing are a blue, a white and an orange ring, all from Dolly Bow Bow.

Left to right Black Dolly BowBow, Red The Accessory Stand, Blue YSL, Pink YSL, Red The Accessory Stand, Pink YSL, Blue YSL, Coral YSL and Jade Dolly BowBow

Author: Janet Carr

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  1. Oh, my goodness! For me, it was the slow burn, just like you said. I really hated them, then didn’t understand it, and that somehow quickly escalated to, “I have to have one right now!” I just ordered one on Poshmark, and want to supplement with more (probably replicas for now.) Want so many colors! The Cipria is gorgeous! Of course, the Lapis and Black are a must have. 😀

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