Pandora Charm Club – love it!

I love charm bracelets – I have done ever since I was old enough to play with my mum’s silver charm bracelet. She used to receive charms for all her birthdays and Christmases when she was young. I started my first when I was about 10 and have collected charms ever since. See my charm bracelet index here. 

I have never been into Pandora or Trollbeads charms. I am not sure why. Maybe they never seemed ‘charmy’ enough for me. They always struck me as more like bead bracelets. However, I am a recent convert.

I have just started a Silverado bracelet through a charm of the month offer. It is a Pandora-like charm system. For 70SEK/$10 I got a sterling silver bracelet, the first two charms and a lovely charm pouch. It is made of satin and has a central holder for the bracelet and little pockets all the way around for the charms. Each item carries a 2 year guarantee. ClubChic_toppbanner_v16_v3


Once you join the club, you receive two charms (one Murano glass and one plain sterling silver) a month for a fee of 270SEK/$40. You only have to buy two packs in total, but I have been buying the set I receive every month. Each month has a theme and you receive information on the month’s charms and what they symbolise. You can choose between three colour schemes – green and blue, pink and red, and black and white. Once you have completed your bracelet you will be able to buy a second starter kit for $10.

red and pink

red and pink

black and white

black and white

green and blue

green and blue

I only have six charms so far but the bracelet looks really really nice only partially filled. For Nordic readers, here is the site for the charm club. It is slightly more expensive if you go directly through here but still very cheap. I got a cheaper price as I subscribe to a magazine which offered a special deal. You can buy additional charms at cheap prices from this site.

I am really thrilled with it!

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