Boerboels and Cats

Shango and Milo

The animals above and below belong to Jen Jenkins Pennington, who says:

Shango the Boerboel had just turned a year in that picture and Milo the kitten was about 6 months. Milo is full of personality and actually came over and laid right by Shango. My neighbor’s cats had had kittens and when Milo was about 4 weeks he kept crawling through our fence despite my 5 dogs on the other side waiting to eat him!! So I figured if I did not want to come home and find a dead kitten I might as well just try to keep him. So I took him in and the dogs and him had to be separated (the Boerboel actually had to be muzzled around him). After several weeks of slowly getting used to each other and learning Milo was not a squeaky toy they were fine! And to this day they get along great!

Below is a photograph of Shango with a kitten we fostered for a while:

Jen says: My dogs have a very high prey drive when it comes to tiny little animals..  All it takes is a few weeks of learning from me, that the cats are not to be touched and everything is fine afterwards. She recommends this type of muzzle.
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Author: Janet Carr

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  1. I have a 15 year old cat a nd she appears to love the neighbours 11 month old boerbols as she does her
    Any comments

    1. I owned an intact male boerboel and two Bengal cats at the same time about 17 years ago. I introduced the boerboel second at 9 weeks. So he knew nothing different. They got along great and used to play together all of the time! My boerboel actually carried my larger Bengal gently in his mouth a few times completely without injury or aggression. The cat wasn’t fearful or nervous about it at all. That was just how they played. A funny pair.

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