Rokit Recycled Leather Scrunchies



I am reposting this because I have had quite a few people stop me and ask me where I got my leather scrunchies from – scrunchies must be having a fashion moment! The ones I get most comments on are the pewter and the electric blue.


In the 80s I loved scrunchies. I only had one – in black satin – but I wore it constantly. Then they became rather cheesy and I only wore it at home. I have lots of curly hair which is very long so normal elastics (even Blax) get all caught up my hair. Scrunchies are gentle, easy to get on and off and keep my hair under control.


I have read recently that scrunchies are coming back but I couldn’t bear the ‘old’ type anymore so I have four from Rokit. They are handmade from recycled leather and each one is unique. I have an oxblood one, an electric blue one, a brown one and a black one. Their selection changes constantly so if you see one you like get it immediately! My oxblood and electric blue are my favourites. They look really cool, work well and are not expensive.


Prices vary from £3 to £5 and they send worldwide. Here is a link to them.

Author: Janet Carr

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