Most Common False Friends in English

The Swedish word is                    The correct English word is

affär                                                            business

akademiker                                                a graduate

aktuell                                                         current; topical; up-to-date

baksida                                                       back; downside (backside is what you sit on)

blankett                                                      form

bransch                                                       sector, industry

kritik                                                            criticism

examen                                                       degree

fantasi                                                         imagination

feber                                                           temperature

gymnasium                                                 upper secondary school

historia                                                       story

hus                                                               building

högskola                                                     university college

kommun                                                     municipality

konkurrent                                                 competitor

konsekvent                                                 consistent

koncern                                                      group

kontrollera                                                 check

leg                                                               id

lokal                                                            venue; premises

lång                                                             tall

natur                                                           the outdoors; the countryside

privatskola                                                 public school

personer                                                     people

pocketbok                                                  paperback

presentera                                                  introduce

rektor                                                          principal

resa                                                             journey; trip

ränta                                                           interest

sallad                                                          lettuce

smoking                                                      tuxedo

sympatisk                                                   likeable

träna                                                           practise; work out

upptagen                                                    busy (a toilet is occupied)

VD                                                                MD; CEO

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