Boerboel Puppies

Patrizia with Mom

Patrizia with Mom

My love of the South African Mastiff breed, the Boerboel is well-known. I have loved these gentle giants all my life – they are magnificent as adults but as puppies they just steal your heart. My feeling is that once you know the breed it is hard to consider having another kind of dog. They do need owners who understand the breed but once you do, my feeling is that you are done for life. I would never consider owning another dog, not even a Rhodesian Ridgeback. And I love Ridgebacks!

The Boerboel puppies I have known begin at an early age to put themselves between their owners and potential threats – that guarding instinct has been so strong. Oh I love them so.

My cousin Mandy Newman-Wakeham has very kindly allowed me to use photos of her puppies in this article. She knows and loves the breed too and her puppies are gorgeous!  If anyone would like to get in touch with her please pop me a line and I will send it along to her. Thank you Mandy for letting me share your beauties!

Rosie and ZinZan

Rosie and ZinZan

ZinZan Day 18

ZinZan Day 18

ZinZan at 12.4kgs

ZinZan at 12.4kgs

ZinZan at bathtime

ZinZan at bathtime



Amore - absolutely beautiful

Amore – absolutely beautifulgorgeous cute

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  1. Hi.
    My name is Benjamin and am looking for a boerboel puppy.

    Can you please send me the picture and price

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