Names of Office Equipment in English

1. Tape (dispenser)
2. Paper clip holder
3. Ruler
4. Paper clips
5. Pushpins
6. Bulldog clip
7. Scissors
8. Correction
Fluid (white-out)
9. Pencil sharpener
10. Calculator
12. Staples
13. Pen
14. Pencil
15. Eraser (= rubber)
17. Hole-punch
18. Rubber bands (elastic bands)

A paper clip is a small piece of wire that holds pieces of paper
together. A bulldog clip is bigger and works better when you have to keep
large amounts of paper together.

Some people have paper clip holders that are small transparent boxes
with a magnet rim with an opening at the top on them. This was if you drop all
the paperclips it is easy to pick them back up with the magnet.

A paper clip keeps papers together temporarily, but if you want to do it
permanently you should use a stapler. In fact a stapler works so well
that to disconnect the papers you need another special tool called a stapler

When you need to cut paper or other objects you should use scissors.
They safely cut paper and are easy to use.

A calculator is a small electronic device that helps you to solve math

Business cards are small pieces of card with your name and contact
information written on them. You carry the cards around so that you can give
them to different people, especially at meetings.

A calendar has all the days of the month in it so that you know what
day it is today. Many people keep desk calendars on the top of their desk
so that they can always see their schedule and so that they won’t forget
different meetings and events. An organizer is a small book that you keep
that allows you to keep task of everything. Inside of it there is normally a
calendar filled with your schedule, as well as other important information that
you need, including contact numbers for other people. It is also called an
appointment book or personal planner.

Rather than carry it with you or have it on the top of your desk some people
prefer to have a wall planner hanging beside the desk which shows all the
days of year at a time.

When you make a mistake with a pen you need to use correction
or white out to cover the mistake. It is a liquid that you can
put on paper to cover a mistake and then you can write over it again. However if
you are writing with a pencil you can use a rubber or an
eraser to make the mistake go away.

When reading through long documents or studying, it is a good idea to use a
highlighter in order to put the important facts in a bright colour.

Carbon paper is a type of blue paper that you put between two pieces
of normal paper. When you write on the top sheet of paper, it will make a copy
of what you wrote on the bottom sheet of paper.

A clip board is a small piece of wood (or plastic) with a clip at the
top so that you can attach the paper to it and write while standing.

A desk lamp is a special lamp that sits on top of a desk and directs
the light downward on to the paper you are writing.

A computer is normally the most important tool in an office. Many
people type all of their important information into it. The monitor of
the computer is the part that has a screen on it, like a television so that you
can see all of the information. Many monitors today are flat screen ones. A
laptop is a type of portable computer that is smaller and can be carried
and used in different places. Now with new technology many people use WIFI to
connect to the internet without cords. They can take their laptops anywhere and
work outside of the office. Before people had computers they used to use
electric typewriters, and before that they used normal

Masking tape is normally a light brown coloured tape that is not very
sticky and only holds things up for a short time. Scotch tape is a clear
adhesive and many times called Sellotape. Normally you keep the tape in a
tape dispenser, which keeps the end of the roll separated from the rest
of it, this way you do not need to waste time trying to pull the tape apart.

Glue is an adhesive that sticks two objects together. Be careful when
you use it not to stick your fingers together. Another name for glue is paste. A
glue stick is when the glue is not in liquid form but is a soft solid. It
is easier to spread a glue stick than normal glue, and normally less messy.

The in tray is where you stack all the papers of the work you still
have to do. Sometimes this pile of papers can become very large. Once you finish
with work you put it in the out box or out tray.

There are different ways to write a letter to someone. One way is to write on
regular paper and put it inside of an envelope. Nowadays most
people use a computer and send an e-mail.

A file cabinet is a large piece of furniture designed specifically to
hold stacks of paper. The papers are organized into folders that hang
inside the cabinet. The folders are often called files, or file
thus giving the cabinet its name.

Other important furniture in an office includes the desk where you
write and have your computer. You may also find a bookcase, where you
keep all of your different reading material.

Some people do not have their own office, rather they share a large room and
have cubicles. This is a work area with small walls that don’t reach the
ceiling that separate the workers but do not close them off completely.

There is usually a whiteboard in an office where you can write notes
or messages for all to see. It is sometimes used to give presentations. The pens
that you use for a whiteboard are called dry erase markers or marker
and you can erase the information you wrote with them once you have

A fax machine takes a piece of paper, copies it and then sends the
image over a phone line to another fax machine in a different office. At the
other end the image is copied onto another piece of paper for them to be

Unlike a fax machine a photocopier takes the image from the pieces of
paper and copies it, but doesn’t send it to another place. Photocopiers are used
to make many copies of the same paper. Making photocopies is normally a job
given to the newest person at work.

A printer allows for information from the computer to be printed onto
a piece of paper.

A rubber band is a circular piece of rubber that stretches and holds
things together, or closes a bag.

If you have a lot of mail you might want to use a letter opener, a
type of knife that can open all of the envelopes so that you don’t get a

A legal pad is like a notebook, but the papers are connected at the
top of the page instead of from the left side. Normally the paper is yellow.

Important people often have a nameplate sitting on the front of their
desk. It is often a very nice small sign that has their name and title printed
on it.

Many people have small pieces of yellow paper covering the wall of their
office with small bit of information written on them. These piece of paper are
called post it notes and have a sticky part at one end of the

Rather than have small papers all over the office some people prefer to keep
their offices more organized, writing down small notes in a notepad or a
memo pad.

A notice board is where messages are left for the entire office to
see, with different information shared by everyone. A pushpin allows you
to attach a piece of paper to a notice board.

A hole punch is used to create holes on the left side of a paper so
that the papers can be organized inside of a binder.

A desk tidy or organizer is a box or container without a lid
that has several different compartments for different items. This allows you to
keep your pens, rubber bands, paper clips and other objects

For official documents a rubber stamp is used to leave a mark on paper
to prove that you give it your approval. A stamp pad is the device that
has ink for the rubber stamp.

Many people today do not have regular telephones in their homes or offices,
instead they use only their cell phones, because it can go anywhere with

When you are bored at work and don’t want to be productive take a break and
spin around in your swivel chair. Also, try throwing balls of paper into
the wastepaper basket or trash can.

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