Filofax on Etsy this week

I did a quick meander through Filofax offerings on Etsy this week. There are some interesting finds on there:

This gorgeous binder is by Cordwain Higgler. The rings are not Filofax ones but as these are custom made you could have them use Filofax rings (which are available for sale on Etsy)



This one is from CreuseCurios and is titled ‘The Original Filofax Made In Paris’. I would imagine it is an old French equivalent. There is no photo of the inside but it is beautiful. il_fullxfull.372000045_8ibs il_570xN.372000071_gkeh il_570xN.372000047_jrfi il_570xN.372000033_f1k3

These ones are from Pippa Dore

il_570xN.356646511_b0wt il_570xN.356399047_ekjd




This one from KiddyQualia attracted me because it was so colourful. Each month is a different colour. Nice idea if you make your own inserts for your Filo




And this one by ainemcguiness

il_570xN.402130227_c3cu il_570xN.402129975_rej9

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