Filofax Weight Loss Plan Part 3

The nice thing about using a Filofax for a health, exercise or weight loss journal is that it is so easy to customise for just your needs. You can add or take away anything at any time. And start again at any time.

What you need

  • Filofax – any size is fine. Go with what suits you and your lifestyle. I use A5 so most of my tips will be for that size but pocket and personal will probably be the optimal size for portability and complexity.
  • Ruler – for doing your graphs or underlining you dates
  • hole punch – you can keep a portable hole punch cum ruler in your rings
  • calculator – once again you can use one that fits in your filo or just use your phone or desk one.
  • notepaper – can be colour coded.
  • diary – week on two pages is probably best
  • month on two pages
  • pen and pencil
  • quadrille paper
  • tabbed dividers
  • stickers


For this you can use the bog standard notepaper or colour coded notepaper. Some suggestions would be

  1. a list of daily to dos if you need to get into the habit of doing certain things (eg drink water, weigh, floss teeth, walk, take vitamins, don’t slouch!, moisturise etc). They say it takes a month to create or change a habit and I have found this works.
  2. a list of non-edible treats (eg nail polish, face mask, magazine) as rewards or when tempted
  3. lists of healthy foods, healthy recipes and shopping lists.
  4. Quotations (I will make a list of these below)
  5. List of goals broken down into smaller goals. If you have a lot of weight to lose you can have several smaller goals.
  6. Compliments – every time you receive a compliment (or give yourself a compliment!) write it down
  7. Calories/points/carbs for each food if you are counting them.
  8. List of things to do if you feel a binge coming on (go for a walk, paint your nails, brush your teeth, wait 5 minutes.
  9. list of exercises to do


  • If you have a week on two pages you can write what you eat, how you feel when you eat, what movement you each day
  • On the month on two pages you can write down your weight and what exercise you did. Using different coloured pens for each thing is a way of tracking patterns.

Graph paper

  • use this to track your weight and/or your exercise. It is so motivating to see a steady loss. Even if you go up and down short term you will still see a good pattern longterm.
  • I use pencil because I often miscalculate.


  • you can use stickers to liven things up – for the days you did your exercises or had two biscuits only instead of one packet, to remind you of weigh-in days.
  • pop inspirational photos, recipes and articles in the plastic sleeves.
  • if you are counting fat, carbs, calories and have a little booklet it can go into one of these.
  • lettered, numbered or customised dividers to separate the different sections.


These can be written anywhere.

  • small choices big changes, small changes big difference
  • Life is a journey not a destination
  • Life is not a dress rehearsal
  • A bad beginning can have a good ending
  • Progress not perfection
  • Something does not have to be perfect – it just has to work
  • It’s over so get over it
  • Every moment is a new beginning
  • I can have a new beginning any moment I choose
  • This is the only body I have, this is the only life I am leading
  • You don’t know unless you try
  • What matters in life is not how you handle success, but how you handle failure
  • I own now
  • Success is just getting up one more time than you fall
  • Onwards ever, backwards never
  • Just because a little is good does not mean that more is better
  • Live life
  • Live the life I have
  • A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step
  • Keep going
  • Persevere
  • I’m not giving up, I am starting over
  • For every minute you are angry you lose 60 seconds of happiness
  • Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Take the moment and make it perfect
  • I can eat anything, just not everything
  • No food is ever going to become extinct
  • Fear is temporary, regret is foreer
  • Don’t let a bad day make you feel like you have a bad life
  • Every day may not be good but there is something good in every day
  • I may lose battles but I will win the war
  • This is the first moment of the rest of my life
  • Sometimes not getting what you want can be the most amazing stroke of luck
  • Will this matter in a year?
  • Tomorrow is another day
  • Choose your battles
  • Find a way
  • Life is what happens when you are making other plans
  • Your time is limited so don’t waste it living someone else’s life
  • Make my own happiness

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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