My Filofaxes

Someone asked me to list the Filofaxes I have at the moment. I have

Black Metropol in A5 – This was a teacher’s Filofax and my first one. The Metropol is a good starter Filofax as it is hardy, inexpensive and looks like real leather. I am a leather snob but I love the way a Metropol looks and feels. I got a free brass name tag with it (including engraving) and so it is personalised. These little brass and silver nametags are available from the Swedish Filofax site.

Brown Amazona in A5 – beautiful shades of dappled brown with nice big hardy bumps and a full leather interior. It makes you want to squeeze and sniff the leather. Only downside for me was the 25mm rings. The front tab did age a little fast but this Filofax is a beauty. The colour is deep and rich and the brown is not one-tone like the ivory or black.

2 x A5 Sienas in Cappuccino – the only downside is the 25mm rings but they are in gorgeous stunning gold. As far as I know there are only two models of Filofax with gold rings. I think there should be more and there should be a choice as gold rings would look lovely in many of the binders. This leather is gorgeous. Soft and strokeable. It is a full-leather filofax and the insides of some of the pockets are also lined in leather. It is not the hardiest of Filofaxes but the leather is designed to age quickly and it looks good as it ages. Not a Mulberry but very close. Each one has rather different leather so I have one with rough texture and one with smooth. Now discontinued but readily available online.

A5 Kendal in brown – one of my favourite Filofaxes. Lovely hardy tough waxed leather which (on mine anyway) never shows a scratch. It is not a full leather Filofax and I am not crazy about the net covering the notebook holder (I’m OCD that way!) but this is one of the Filofaxes I love the most. Nice 30mm rings.

A5 Finsbury in orange – another favourite. Not a full leather filofax and the inside does show wear after a while but I love the colour. Even after years of this baby I love it to bits. This is a good ‘starter’ Filofax if you want to move up to a leather one that is not too pricey. Stiff cover but it takes a beating and comes up smiling. I regret not buying more of these colourways when I had the chance as I do like to swap with the seasons. Orange is a nice bright colour that never dates or looks out of place even in the most stuffy traditional environments.

A5 Bronze domino snake – another affordable option is the Domino but I am not crazy about the standard options. This one was a limited edition so I bought two (and gave one to my daughter). It is stunning. Looks far more expensive than it was, is hardy and (most important for me) lighter to carry than many of the other A5 models. People always comment when I use this. It has a nice faux suede lining that hasn’t shown any wear and a very practical vertical arrangement of credit card holders.

2 x A5 Grey Maldens – I love the floppiness of this model and the fact that the inner pocket can function as a pencil case. It smells absolutely divine and has nice 30mm rings. Lies absolutely flat.

Mini Teal Baroque – another one of my favourites. I use this as a travel journal. I should have bought the bigger size but I got it on sale and it was the last one. The outside is smooth smooshy leather and the inside has lovely embossing and is full leather. I wish they had made this in bigger sizes. I absolutely love the leather and the design. As far as I know this was only available for one season but they could have offered more colors and multi-coloured embossing. Would have loved to have seen it in purple.

2 x Personal Modes in two colourways – nice faux leather binder. Hardy and cheerful with a silicone band strap. I loved the colour and the design of this one. My favourite colourway is the turquoise and pink.

2 x Personal Belmonts in brown and black – lovely design in gorgeous deep brown with white stitching but unfortunately the personals are too small for me.

I also have a Mulberry Oak agenda and I love it. The paper is nice and the refills are basic. Unfortunately they do not seem to make their planners anymore so it will probably be a matter of time before they stop producing refills. Of all my binders this is the one that has taken the biggest beating and looks the best. I felt limited by the refill options at first but then I realised that Filofax was not much better. Like Mulberry handbags though, the planners are very heavy.

I often buy two if I find a favourite because I hammer my Filofaxes and then when they are getting really battered I am used to the model and they don’t make them anymore. I tend to sell on the slightly battered one and then move onto the newer one.

I usually only use one binder at a time but the dormant ones hold spares and I swap every five months or so. They are in use 24/7 and are basically my brain!

Photos will follow 🙂 Above is a quick snap of my A5s

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. wow so many filofax. i’m thinking of these 2….the A5 Ascot Croc Leather and the Personal Size Harrods Black Croc. they are expensive, are you familiar with them or do you have an opinion?
    thanks very much

  2. Thank you for this wonderful post! I also tend to buy two if I find a binder that I really like. It’s a shame about the Mulberrys. They are among my favorites! I wish I had a Mulberry agenda in oak – that color is so gorgeous. I am searching the net for an affordable Mulberry Planner in oak, but most of them are still far too expensive for me. T_T I do own a black croc-print Mulberry agenda, but it’s almost too small. I always thought the A5 size would be too big for me to carry around (I tried with the Malden), but after reading this post, I think that I might actually be able to tote it around as long as I find that one gorgeous binder that I can’t put down. In other words: WHY did they not make the Baroque in A5?! T_T

    Looking forward to the photos! 🙂

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