Life before cellphones

…or was it really? I am not sure but people must still do some of these things, surely?

I can remember on our school holidays we would disappear to the beach after breakfast. If we had sandwiches with us, we would only be back when the sun was going down. Our neighbour had a phone which was only to be used in emergencies. She used to come and call us if there was a phone call.

My mom’s rule was that when the street lights went on, I had to be home for dinner. I was a boring kid so she knew I was reading books on my friend’s bed or playing elastic out in the street with the neighbourhood kids.

I know people still do jigsaw puzzles, play board games, and go to concerts. But I can’t say I have seen someone play marbles for a very long time. I suppose there are online groups for every hobby out there though, which we did not have before. My clients often remark that no one uses Filofaxes anymore.  I guess if you are not interested, you don’t know what’s out there.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. When my daughter was much younger, we used to play board games a lot and then, when she was 5 or 6, she got into chess and she loved it. But she was never too much a fan of going outside and playing. Although there are many kids in the area, each neighbour stayed in their own yards and they never mingled, which I thought was so odd… I do tend to rely a lot on my phone for research (Google!) and to take plenty of pictures (of my cat). I do like paper maps, but I have to admit that having a voice that constantly tells me where to go is nice. While smartphones are great to do plenty of things, I hate the fact that I’m constantly available. As a freelancer, where do you draw the line? How do you set up boundaries that preserve your private life and that makes clients happy? Still, I wish we were back in the 80’s or 90’s…

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