Large spring cat toys

Different cats like different toys, which is understandable. Paddy adored a stuffed mouse that Amanda made for her home economics project. He stole it off her shelf and loved it for the 19 years he was alive. I repaired it until there was almost nothing left. Fluffy loved little squeaky mice, Ziggy loved anything with catnip in it, and Harley loves wavy poles with feathers on the end. They all loved ping pong balls and molecules.

Catrick, however, has only ever played with these large cat springs. He brings them to you so you can throw them for him, and spends quite a while playing with them by himself. He wakes me up in the night sometimes, chasing his springs around under the bed. Sometimes he just carries them around in his mouth. He is not at all interested in the smaller ones.

They were cheap, are durable, and don’t hurt when you step on them. Can recommend. We have about 20 of them. Every now and then we collect the ones underneath the bath/fridge/sofa and put them in a small basket.

What is your pets favourite toy?

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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