Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Growing up my fathers side of the family were mainly racists, there was a lot of racism on tv and in the media. However, my mum taught me that love conquers all, she told me that if I met someone to see them as a human being because dehumanising a class of people is what the Nazi regime had done in Germany that led to the second World War.
    I have always tried to hold myself away from judging anyone about anything, however, I can’t stomach racism, sexism, or even hating someone because of their religion. I was brought up a catholic and saw so much hypocrisy and bad deeds done in the name of God that now I walk my own spiritual path and do not follow any religion. All have good followers and most have “followers” who twist the words in their holy text to suit themselves.

  2. Yes, I believe some prejudices can be taught, sometimes just by experiencing them , or being exposed to them. Here in NYC I’ve seen certain groups behaving in harmful ways towards others and found on-lookers received bad vibes from the aggressors that affected them negatively and created a strong dislike of the group . Occurring frequently enough here in the city I have recognized hatred expressed towards that group.

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