pfgSTOCKHOLM quartzite necklace

My cousin gave me this beautiful vintage bead necklace when we were in South Africa in January.  Beads are not something I usually wear but I have worn it a lot, both shorter and longer.

I also fell in love with this Fry Powers necklace worn by Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie in several episodes of And Just Like That

I have been looking at this necklace by pfgSTOCKHOLM for a long time. Primarily because I love purple and green together, but also because I love semi-precious stones. Each necklace is slightly different, so I chose one with stones that were a little darker and brighter in colour.

A necklace made of semi-precious stones. Both stones are quartzite. The larger mint green stones are 10mm in diameter and the smaller purple stones are 8mm in diameter. The length of the necklace is 39 cm and there is an extension chain that is 8 cm so you can adjust the length. Nickel safe.

After seeing the one by Fry Powers and how Sarah Jessica Parker’s character layers in with chains, and having been given a gift voucher for my birthday, I bought it!



Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I absolutely love that necklace! It’s so pretty! I usually wear pearl bracelets but not pearl necklaces. I might have to try this. I love how the necklace is split into two colours. I had made a bracelet in two colours (black and white) and I didn’t think it looked so nice, probably because of the contrast between the two colours is too strong. Yours is perfect!

    1. I watched the character of Carrie wear a similar necklace in several episodes of And Just Like that, and realised that it could work. I wore the beads yesterday with a gold chain and pendant and it looked really nice. I like the different sizes of the beads too, which makes it a little different. Big thanks to my cousin for giving me a bead necklace and starting the ball rolling! My mother wore a lot of beads but I have never been into them.

      1. I am so bad at matching jewelry together… Or at being stylish all together!… That’s why I follow your blog like a hawk because what you show is realistic for us mere mortals! Time for me to hunt for a pearl necklace!

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