Another orbit around the sun completed

The 20th of July was our 4th wedding anniversary so my husband and I went to the Thai Boat for dinner. It is about one minute’s walk from our apartment so we like going there.

On the 22nd we met my dear friend Tina for lunch as it was her birthday. We also celebrated her daughter/my stepdaughter Amanda who had a birthday on the 1st July. We usually celebrate all three of our birthdays at the same time. We had originally been planning our usual dinner party for twelve or so people, but both I and my husband have been sick lately, and are exhausted.

Yesterday was my birthday so I got to choose what we would do all day. When I woke up I was served café latte in bed by my husband, and received the gift I had requested – gift vouchers to my favourite shop.

After that we went to the local second-hand shop so I could pick books to read next week. I am going through a reading phase at the moment where I only want to read physical books, preferably hardbacks.

I bought myself a birthday necklace with part of my vouchers. It’s not my usual style but I have been lusting after it for ages because I love semi-precious stones.

Then it was off on the bike for a long ride, a flea market, and carrot cake at my favourite cafe out in the countryside.

And at the fleamarket I found this — Bacon Soap! It stayed there…

All in all, a wonderful birthday. For many people, a birthday is just another day. They perhaps take a cake to work for their colleagues, but nothing else. For me, I love making a fuss of myself on my own special new year and celebrate that this old body has survived another trip around the sun.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Happy birthday Janet – congratulations on another year! What a wonderful day you had, much deserved I have no doubt. All the very best for fabulous health and immeasurable joy in the year ahead.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR JANET!!! I’m glad you had such a lovely day! You are right to make a fuss about it! You absolutely deserve it! Happy anniversary too! Much love!

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