Lovendu planners, journals and notebooks

When I have had tough times in my life, I have found comfort in journalling. I am not very good at talking about my problems. I tend to be the person people come to with their problems. But when I have needed to vent, I have poured everything onto paper and it has helped me to externalise negativity and process it. It has also helped me analyse my feelings and give voice to worries.

I was interested to discover Lovendu journals, planners, and notebooks. They would be amazing if you wish to write about your dreams, your worries, and your anxiety. Or perhaps it would be a thoughtful gift if you know someone who is working on overcoming anxiety and stress, or has a particular life goal.

There is an Overthinking Journal

And an Anxiety Journal


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Curse you, Red Baron! One of these (the overthinking journal), plus a notebook for my brother, fell into my basket at 3am this morning when I couldn’t sleep and had just had your blog updates!

      1. I spent quite a while zooming in on the pages in the different journals and that one looked more focused for me. I’m actually lousy at journalling, but did get someone last year when someone gave me a journal with very clear headings that weren’t too vague or hippy-dippy!

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