Do women generally overpack when travelling?

I was quite sceptical about this as I don’t know anyone who would pack that much. Not even family, who are legendary heavy packers.

My family always comments on how light I travel, but I always overpack on some things and underpack on others.

  • I always pack the perfect amount of underwear. I take what would be considered too much for most people. But when travelling in heat I often shower twice a day and so I factor in plenty of changes. I also always pack travel detergent so I can rinse out things overnight.
  • I tend to either overpack or underpack warmer clothes. I had to buy several jumpers in Ireland once when I underpacked, and in January of this year I totally overpacked regarding socks, jeans, and hoodies. The weather changed from cool and rainy to blisteringly hot while we were in the air. I lived in a few dresses that I washed and hung-to-dry overnight
  • I tend to take small sized toiletries, but a lot of them. I am then too cheap to leave the half-empty ones behind on the way home.
  • I always overpack jewellery. I imagine I am this person who changes my jewellery every day, but I really am not.

The main thing to realise is that you can always buy or borrow what you need at destination. There are very few places where you cannot buy a bottle of shampoo or a t-shirt. Maybe you can try a new brand or find an item of clothing that is unique and will become a favourite?


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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